The party was celebrated at La Forete, Muyenga, on 20th December, 2017. The organization was out to celebrate the achievements made in 2017. The Genius Foundation was grateful to every person who participated in its growth and development. First, the writers of The Genius Researchers, who gave it their all to see to it that works were delivered without fail. Some of them even spent sleepless nights to ensure that clients get value for their money. The Genius Club was exceptional. TGF had no words to describe the success accrued within a short period. The club was out to touch the souls of the less fortunate in the society, a task that was fully achieved. It looked as if the Nakaseke mission was the thing, little did TGF know that The Seroma Christian High School Mission would be a blessing. The last mission, Jinja, was even more successful, and with that, TGF was grateful. TGF could forget the friends of Genius who came in to support whenever called upon. Finally, the relentless effort towards the success of TGF by the mentorship, editorial, administration, and the subordinate staff could not be gainsaid.