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The Gospel has its Beauty, but not Everyone sees it

At dawn on the 17th of November 2018, The Genius Club had another gospel mission plot to accomplish. This time with the invitation of our own Pastor Joy, at her Ministry base: Christian Life Embassy, we were welcomed.

The ministry is located in Wakiso District in a place known as Ndejje which is a parish in a sub-county called Ssabagabo Makindye. It is in this vicinity that we landed in the village known as Kibutika/kiwogo about 1 KM away from the church.

At our arrival, we were welcomed by Pastor Joy who later led us into the church and immediately interaction with some of the church members began. Among those, we found at church was pastor Ssemambo Patrick who also happens to be the husband of Pastor Joy who according to his words was delighted to receive us.

Pastor Ssemambo was called to tell us the background of the ministry, and he told us how the ministry had been in existence for one year having started the previous year around July. He told us about the resistance the church faced from its neighbors at the very beginning though the attempt was not a success. Actually, it was evident since at the same time constructions were going on in the church.

Pastor Ssemambo carried on to brief us about the spiritual mapping of the entire neighborhood of the Church. He said that the region has 90% of its occupants Muslims with many mosques as compared to any other religions. Besides, some of the people in the area practice witchcraft which happens to be one of the businesses in the area alongside quarrying. Therefore, with that brief eye-opener, he acknowledged that as the first evangelistic and charitable team to visit the area, we were in the right place at the right time.

"And whatsoever house ye enter into, there abide, and thence depart.
And whosoever will not receive you, when ye go out of that city, shake off the very dust from your feet for a testimony against them."
Luke 9 : 4 - 5

As advised by pastor Ssemambo, The Genius Club team with some of the church members took one direction to Kibutika village where we then scattered into different groups with 2 to 4 members. Each assigned a guide who was well versed with the village and the people therein and a leader responsible for the undertakings of the group we reached out to whoever allowed us to approach. Thence, at around 12 pm after a prayer session, we left the church premises for the mission field.

The Genius Club contributed various gifts that included clothes, sandals, shoes, slippers, soap, and foodstuffs like rice and sugar. Together with the gifts our hosts had, we embarked on the journey to proclaim the message of salvation as a gift from God.

With all our trust in Him who sent us to preach the gospel, home after home, business after business, and door to door, we went on approaching different people following the instruction of Jesus as in Luke 9:4-5; where we were welcomed, we preached to them, and where we were not welcomed we left in peace. However, just as it was said in the briefing at church, we found out that even those who listened to us were mostly argumentative. This was because most of the people we meet were Muslims, pagans and other different religious backgrounds as compared to the message of Salvation we professed.

Consequently, had it not been the help of the Holy Spirit to convict the people of their sins, this mission was to be void. We all professed Jesus as the son of God and the one true sacrifice who saves all sinners from the wrath of God. We assured them who listened that Jesus is the Way, Truth, and Life, and through him alone we receive the gift of Salvation. Fixing our eyes on Him the author and finisher of our faith, we were able to spend three hours in that village, and just as he promised, signs, wonders, and miracles were manifest in Jesus' name. Therefore, as we all gathered back at church, our testimonies reported 64 registered converts who chose to repent and receive Jesus as their Lord and savior. Moreover, there many others who were only counted and not registered.

The Genius Club will not at any time contain the Glory of God. He deserves all the thanksgiving and honor for the beauty of the Gospel that He continuously shows to us wherever we go after His call. Furthermore, we are delighted to be God’s messengers in His mission to save the world and making Himself known to every creature as the one true God. Thence, we are grateful to God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit for the rest of the year for even this far God, has brought us, Amen.

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