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Writing is not just writing without the touch of quality. At Genius Researchers Centre, quality is the cornerstone of success. This branch of TGF boasts of a myriad of activities that, once channeled together, brew the idea behind the umbrella organization. The Centre harbors the Computer and Languages (English, Kiswahili, German and French)Training docket, the Genius Club Office, the Genius Events Office and the main Writing and Research Centre on the upper floor.

The Computer and Languages Training docket primarily brings the community together by embracing the values of creativity, innovation and teamwork to come up with the best learner-centered modules. The societal members are accorded a chance to either horn their skills or start learning from scratch computer skills or different international languages.

The Research and Writing Centre is one of its kind, with 45 writers. The Centre is fully furnished, offering a perfect ambiance for the quality delivery of research papers and essays. However, only those who successfully complete the research and writing training are given an opportunity to work and earn within the organization.

Moreover, the Centre hosts The Genius Club, an initiative by the foundation to bring youth together and participate in both gospel ministry and community service.

Lastly, the Genius Events, which was an idea accrued to empower the youth who are talented in diverse fields, has an allocation within the Centre. At the Genius Events offices, one comes to terms with the creativity, innovation, and professionalism that the foundation is known for.

The Genius Foundation; thus, offers the society an interactive and learning platform that cuts across educational, religious, sports, and entertainment divides

We live in a society of enormous potential. Opportunities are all around us but our lives are also challenging. With a literacy rate of 78.4% for those who are 15 years of age and above, Uganda is one of the most literate countries in Africa but they are not without challenges. Uganda’s educated youths are equipped with classroom knowledge but not the basic life and survival skills. A few, for example, cannot use the computer much less surf the internet. Others lack basic writing and grammar skills.

The need

In addition, there is a scourge of unemployment. Today, it is harder to find a job, even an under-employing one. This means that youths need to be proactive and acquire skills in addition to paying careful attention to hobbies. Now, more than ever, graduates are earning a living from hobbies and acquired skills that were not taught in class.

With a fully-furnished Centre, GRC aims at exposing the societal members to a myriad of opportunities in both the local and international sphere. All this can only be accomplished through training that is offered at the facility. The organization boasts of experts in the Academic Research, Writing, IT, Management, Accounting and Languages fronts who are always ready to help when called upon. GRC primarily aims at equipping young people with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in this jobless society. The Training Centre targets vacationists, University students, fresh graduates and professionals.

Benefits of this Training

  • To increase your employability, career prospective and confidence. Our Microsoft® Office and internet training package give you just that.
  • To Gain proven workstation digital skills, stand out to employers locally and internationally.
  • You will attain qualifications at your own pace while you pursue other interests personal to you.
  • Certification at the end of the training.
  • You will also be able to easily access a wide range of information and services that can save you time, money and simplify your life.
  • You will win at academics. If you are in vacation or holiday, computer literacy opens up the possibility of finding all the study resources you need without living your seat.
  • Thinking of a career change? With our training in accounting, design essentials and website design, you can be able to make extra cash on the side to supplement your income.
  • Earn a side income. You may not be contemplating a career change but a way of supplementing your income through side-projects.
  • Our Lifeskills training will enable you to make better and informed personal decisions.

After undergoing a 3-4 week training session at the Genius, one is always well-placed to earn a living from the skills accrued. The TGF writers are well-acquainted with the international academic and article writing rules, which they apply in tackling the outsourced tasks from clients all over the globe. Since we understand that every client must receive value for money, TGF writers deliver only quality, professional and timely work. With the guidance of the Quality Assurance Department and the director, the team never fails to impress.

Quality Assurance Department

As an organization that deals in professional writing, we mind about the quality of the work we deliver to our clients. This is how the Quality Assurance Department comes in. This department is charged with ensuring that quality standards in the organization are set and upheld. Specifically, it refines the final drafts by meticulously checking them for grammar, syntax, and word choice.

This department is also the link between the organization’s management and its workers. They also advise management on issues to do with maintaining the quality of the final product. Currently, the quality assurance department has 6 qualified professionals in diverse academic realms.


  • Empower communities. The research and writing department which works closely with the training centre seeks to equip the community with tools and resources to enable them to advance and grow in this challenging age
  • Financial Sustainability. Besides resourcing the community, the research and writing center seeks to secure the financial future of its members by offering them contracts so that they will work as writers
  • Knowing God. As an institution premised on the loving service of our Lord Jesus Christ, The Genius Foundation through the research and writing department seeks to make known the good news of Jesus Christ both in word and deed. School and community Gospel outreaches are organized to take the knowledge of Christ Jesus to the community
  • Promoting positive change. We realize that the work of the research and writing department impacts the community in which we work, that is why we make it one our major goals to impart life skills to young people, visit an contribute towards the livelihood of the needy in babies homes, prisons, and specific individual

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